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"Beauty! Terrible Beauty! A deathless Goddess-- so she strikes our eyes!" 

I feel like I should do some sort of Follow Forever before tomorrow so here it is:

There are so many other people who have been nice to me this year and I wish I could put them all here. Thank you for another lovely year!

on 31 Dec about 1 year ago with 10N
cakesandsnouts; vicivefallen; valjeann; tazzypenguin; combeferret; sirbarrow;
  1. tazzypenguin said: Darling I love you!!!! You’re the best. xxxx (Also sdjfhdfs Nathan) <3
  2. hannibail said: oh you angel, thank you so much! i love you very very very much <33
  3. combeferret said: ohoho i WILL do the same to other people
  4. sirbarrow said: pffffft only slightly weird
  5. vicivefallen said: Oh wow this is so unexpected and wonderful! Thank you! <3
  6. cakesandsnouts said: You are ridiculously wonderful and love you. *HUGS*
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